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21 mai 2013 2 21 /05 /mai /2013 23:29

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2011-04-17 - Pique nique 2 012
par Association Franco-Japonaise Kokoro Paris - 日仏

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Livraison Japonais Paris 18/05/2016 17:29

Big up fot you !

Livraison japonais paris 17/03/2016 11:57

Bravo et bonne continuation ^^

microneedle roller for stretch marks 18/06/2014 14:07

A kimono party? Oh my god! That’s awesome. Well, I have once worn a kimono as my Halloween costume. It looked incredibly cool on my. Lol! Anyway, I’m looking forward to this one. Thanks a lot for the post. Please keep sharing.

science kit 18/06/2014 12:17

Looks like you students did have a great time with the family. This is a really nice thing what you did and their smile alone says it. I feel such good get together should be encouraged and made a habit off each year.


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  • Il s'agit du blog de l'AFJKP, l'Association Franco-Japonaise Kokoro Paris. 日仏協会 「心パリ」

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